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Why is the price of the same tissues completely different?

Why is the price of the same tissues completely different?

The first step: choose regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy paper, do not go to small merchants, Xiaoban or local carts to buy, so the quality is not guaranteed at all. When we buy smoked paper, we often choose common brands with higher prices. High-quality paper generally has a higher price, and unqualified paper is not only cheap, but the information on the packaging is also relatively vague. The second step: There are many components of paper, and the production raw materials are relatively complicated. The paper on the market is basically divided into two types: log paddle and pure paddle. In our daily life, it is best to choose paper made of log pulp. It has high purity and does not contain any other materials. Relatively speaking, it is safe and hygienic. Some pure wood pulp paper may contain recycled waste paper materials. Such paper has rough surface, uneven distribution, and black spots, so it is not recommended. The third step: high-purity, good-quality paper towels, comfortable and soft to touch, strong toughness, not easy to tear, poor paper towels, low purity, loose surface distribution, it will feel uncomfortable to wipe the skin, and it is easy to tear . Paper towels with poor paper quality are easy to break when exposed to water, while paper towels with good quality are not easy to deform or loose when exposed to water. the fourth step: Pay attention to the outer packaging information when purchasing paper. Good paper packaging has regular manufacturer information, and it is marked with: main ingredients, production date, shelf life, implementation standards and hygiene license. The paper size, number of layers and number of sheets are also indicated, and you can purchase them as needed. Try to choose affordable and durable, so as not to cause waste. the fifth step: In home life, it is recommended not to buy scented paper towels. The scented paper towels are generally treated with chemical fragrances or fragrances. Friends and infants with allergic skin must be careful when using it! The natural and odorless ones are safer. Step 6: When buying paper, it is not that the whiter the paper, the better. The country has a clear standard for paper whiteness: 85%-90%. Therefore, the normal paper towel color should be natural white. For paper towels that are not up to standard, those manufacturers may use bleached lime water and whitening detergents, which will cause harm to human health, so you must choose carefully.
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